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How to Order  

This site is designed to allow you to easily review our online catalog of more than 3000 parts and obtain pricing information on those you are interested in. To obtain a price quote, you must first create a list of parts and submit it to our Customer Service department.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to navigate our catalog & request a price quote:

To create a list of part numbers to be price quoted:

  1. Select one of the five Product Types to begin your search.
  2. On the “Item Categories” page, select a Product Category to review further.
  3. On the “Item Subcategories” page, select a Product Subcategory.
  4. On the “Item Detail” page, click on the Part Number that you wish to receive a price quote for, and a pop-up window will open.
  5. In the “Request Price Quote” pop-up window, enter the Quantity you wish to be quoted on (you can change the quantity later) & click the “Add to Cart” button.
  6. On the “Part Added to Cart” page, click either “View Cart” (to review your Cart and/or submit the Request for Quote) or “Continue Shopping” to close the window and resume browsing the site.

To submit a price quote request:

  1. To review your Cart, either: a) click on the “View Cart” button on the “Part Added to Cart” pop-up window, or b) click the “View Cart” link on the upper right corner of your main browser window.

    -- If necessary, change the quantities of the part numbers listed
    -- in the Cart to be quoted, and click “Update Cart.”

  2. When ready to submit the Request for Price Quote, click “Continue.”
  3. Fill out "Contact Information" section
  4. on the "Checkout" page.
  5. Click "Get Price Quote" to submit the request for quote.
  6. Your request for quote will be submitted to our Customer Service department for processing, and a copy of the request will be e-mailed for your records.

If you have questions or comments regarding use of our web site, please contact info@deanlewisassociates.com or call us at (510) 785-9650.



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